Monday, September 13, 2010

Beach Trip September 2010

We took a little hiatus from our day to day routine to travel back to Fernandina Beach, FL for a weekend of beach activity, relaxation and visit with friends. Below are some photos of our time at the beach.

I contemplated buying some beach toys for Roman but glad I thought twice since his favorite toy was the bottle of sunscreen. He dragged that with him everywhere.

Maggie thought we brought the towels and beach umbrella for her as she easily monopolized the shade and even got it all wet and sandy for us to ensure we wouldn't be using it after her.

She played hard on the beach as you can tell from her tongue hanging down to the ground.

It looks like Roman is sunbathing and taking in the sites of the ocean...but don't be fooled, he fell over and in his normal fashion, was frozen on his back" forgetting" how to get up.

Roman enjoyed playing with Maggie's toys as well.

Below everyone is taking a water break. Roman was more interested in Maggie's water than his and would throw his sippy cup in the sand and would try to take hers.

The only picture I got of Roman smiling and it is out of focus...he is hard to photograph since he is always on the move and doesn't stand still long enough for a picture much less to smile for one.

Maggie is Roman's shadow because she steals her toys and takes off with them.

Roman's truck was also his best companion on the beach. He pushed that truck from end of the beach to the other.

Roman wasn't always fond of the waves crashing around him so he would often go in the opposite direction of the ocean. A couple of times the waves knocked him down and washed his truck over so its hard to blame him for wanting to push his truck toward the sand dunes.

Maggie displaying her talent of catching frisbees!!

The beach was quiet with very little people around and served as a great get away for us as a family. It was wonderful to catch up with some of our long lost friends in Fernandina and we hope that next time our visit can be longer. til next time...