Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mom D. and Pops come for a visit!

As with all our visitors, we always seem to find our way to the top of a mountain and our parents are no exception. For those who have been with us, Matt has made it is "tradition" to run the hundreds of steps to the final peak of the mountain. His PR is 1 min and 19 sec. We all walked up the steps-me with Maggie in my arms as this was her first venture up the mountain and she was not completely conditioned to do so.

Below are pictures of our hike:

Maggie had to wear her Gentle Leader to keep her from pulling. She is training and well would rather roll in the leaves than walk without pulling.

Mom was playing with her electronic toys all day long. She is trying to figure out how to take a picture of her and Pops together!

Matt marketing CrossFit every chance he gets, hence running up the stairs and drawing people to read his back as he sprinted past them.

Mom and Dad's visit was great! The weather was awesome. We were able to do some shopping for the house, introduce them to Nibs (thanks to Amy and Marty), watch a movie, relax by the fire, read books, entertain the puppy, take a stroll around the neighborhood and catch up with one another.

We love visitors but know that a hike up the mountain will most certainly be part of the package!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Valentines Weekend

This past weekend, Matt surprised me by taking me to a cabin in Shenandoah Valley in Virginia in the middle of nowhere. Friends of ours met us there. The husbands were in cahoots since December setting this weekend up for us to enjoy. Amy and I were really surprised.

Below is our cabin, the property and view. It was so relaxing! Nothing around us and so quiet. We spent our time hiking, sitting in the hot tub, cooking dinner, playing games, and catching up with each other.

The guys planned everything including meals - below they are cooking us breakfast.

We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend and cherished the much needed relaxation. We created some wonderful memories and will be looking forward to doing this again next year.