Monday, May 26, 2008

Gone to the dogs

Life has gone to the dogs... at least recently. I somehow got roped into pet sitting a 7 week old 3 lb puppy. Her name is Holden. As you can see, she is very cute and Maggie is doing well with her. Maggie more than 12x her body weight and doesn't always realize that.

Maggie is looking all grown up now weighing in at 43 lbs at 6 months old.

Holden enjoys playing with Maggie's wagging tail.

People say that we hold puppy boot camp at our house, but as you can isn't too hard here :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kitty Torture

If you are a might just be a curse to live in the house of a vet tech. You tend to be subject to a lot of poking and prodding and in Lily's case, a lion cut. She WAS our long hair cat. But when I had her under anesthesia to have some teeth pulled I also decided to shave her down.

She might look silly, but I think she really loves it. She is always asking to have her back scratched now :) and for us it means no more shedding from her for awhile. Matt is threatening to shave our other cat, so the vet tech is not the only culprit.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jareds' Wedding

Our wonderful friend Jared got married and we went to Florida to celebrate. It was so much fun to catch up with friends . Here are a few pictures:

Jared and Carolina
Thomas and Matt...Matt is whisting a ballad to the newlyweds.

Nicole (with her pregnant belly), me and Angela having a blast catching up.

I am sorry I didn't get more pictures but am thankful for these that Nicole sent to me. After being there, we were reminded how much we missed them all.

In St Louis at Jamie's wedding.

he fam (minus Boyd) in Forest Park, after lunching at the Boathouse.

me with The Dude (dana's son)

Best Man Boyd with Sarah at the reception.

Look, it's Asian girl (Dana's new mail-order bride).
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It's the Cammy Face

Here is the Cammy profile that Uncle B asked for.

And the Classic Cammy face. He was avoiding the camera and would not smile...even for marshmellows!
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