Friday, June 25, 2010

Trouble, Trouble and More Trouble

Roman is 8.5 months and he is always on the verge of getting into trouble...

Below he likes to be like Daddy and work on his truck. He will tip his truck over and work on the tires.

A couple of nights last week he decided to undress himself and meet me in the morning like this (below)...
My little over achiever- just like his daddy...couldn't climb around the dog's toy box, he had to climb over it.
Maggie, below, is really wondering what he is doing with all her toys since she doesn't get that luxury with his toys.

He is a good helper...enjoyed pushing the mop around but really only to hear it bang on the floor.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nearly 8 months and trouble continues...

Roman is nearly 8 months old and has found himself in all sorts of trouble. He definitely keeps us laughing and gasping over his new found tricks, expressions, and mobility. He gets himself into situations he can't get out of and also surprisingly gets himself out of situations i didn't think he could get in to. If you can crawl over or under it, if you can use it to pull up on, if it is within his grasp than it is free game.

Ascending the stairs with increasing speed... Now to teach him to descend -NOT face first.

"Daddy couldn't fix his computer- so I thought I would show him how to do it."

Maggie and Roman- fast buddies...

All this mobility comes with its fair share of bumps and bruises- and crying- as we find out that some things are not meant to climb on, through, over and around. Some things are sharp, some things are heavy, some things are off limits, and some things don't move. All this exploration made for one busy month. Can't wait to see what happens in his next month of growth.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010 was spent cheering Matt on at his Crossfit Regionals Competition in Jacksonville, FL and introducing Roman and Maggie to the ocean. While Matt stayed in Jacksonville with his fellow competitors, Roman and I stayed with Marcia (my younger sister) in Brunswick, GA about an hour away. After the competition was over we all relaxed up in Brunswick and visited St. Simons Isle for some fun on the beach.

Matt looking quite tired above and well who could blame him after competing all weekend long.

Daddy keeping a close eye on Roman as he ventured into the waves with no hesitation.

Roman loved eating the sand when mom wasn't watching.

Maggie looking like she is hating it- but think we got a picture of her mid shake...she dove into the waves no problem.

Sand mustache for Roman (above)...

Below is Maggie and her posse of friends. She had a blast running around the beach- oh and diving into people's coolers for any snacks they may have left unattended (how embarrassed was I). note to self: Feed the food driven dog BEFORE going to the beach.
Friday and Saturday we made the hour long commute to watch Matt compete in his team affiliate competition. His team was made up of 3 guys and 3 girls who competed in 4 different workouts. The pictures are in reverse order but the workouts consisted of the following:

Friday: Workout #1: One Rep Max Clean and Jerk followed by as many muscle ups and chest-to-bar pull ups the team could do in 2 minutes per exercise. Matt got a personal record (225 lbs) on his Clean and Jerk as did many of his fellow competitors and they started out the competition at the top of the leader board.

Saturday: Workout #2: Flip 2 tires down a 50 meter course - once at the end, 200 burpees to be completed using both tires divided evenly jumping in and out of tire between each burpee and then flipping tire back to start position and stacking them on top of one another. Time was called when the entire team was all standing on top of the tire. Matt's team finished in 10 min 24 sec.

Sunday: Workout #3: Row 5000M done 10 x 500M divided among team members. Matt rowed 4 of them and this was his best split below:

Sunday: Workout #4:
60 front squats
200 M farmers walk carrying kettle bells
200 M Run,
60 push press
200 M Farmers Walk with kettle bells
200 M Run
60 dead lifts
200 M Farmers Walk with kettle bells
200 M Run

matt's team finished in 19:08

The team hanging out in the gym before the row.
Out on the field flipping the tires

Muscle-ups (on the rings)

On the court for lifting
Maggie trying to stay cool under the bleachers. Roman got tired of being in his stroller so that was parked while we stood by the fence cheering on daddy.

225 lbs overhead