Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back Yard Chipping

Matt took his 3 day weekend to chip through an enormous pile of branches that have accumulated over the past several years and grew to such an expanse that it was causing an eye sore. Roman enjoyed playing in the chipped wood, climbing on the rocks, and overall getting a dirty as possible.

GG this is your little daredevil of a great grandson standing tall on this boulder that he climbed up himself. He was so proud of his accomplishment...and don't worry, he was as steady as a mountain goat and never suffered one bruise :)

Roman also enjoys throwing the mulch in the air- so above is the action shot of him jumping and throwing dirt to ensure he is filthy from head to toe.
Maggies chuck-it was a source of entertainment for both involved. Roman is trying to figure out how to make it work and Maggie is anxiously awaiting for him to figure it out.

I forgot to get a "before" picture of the pile of brush, but above is the "after" picture. The pile of branches stood over 6 feet tall and spanned from the fence on the left to past the rock on the right.
Daddy's little helper.

All this yard work makes for one dirty boy.

Our strong independent boy had to carry the bucket himself. But the independence is quickly given up for a free ride in the bucket by daddy.

We are so thankful for our little boy who loves the outdoors even if it means several changes of clothes and lots of laundry.

New York City Feb 2011

On Feb 11th, our entire family ventured to New York City to watch Renee's two boys, Adam and Jack while Renee and Mark went to Vancouver where Mark was the featured speaker of a Church Planting Seminar.

The boys had a busy schedule so the pictures I did capture were few and far between, but we got a few to document our adventure.

We attempted to get a family photo- on the coldest windiest day we were there- so we look quite frigid. An Australian tourist was kind enough to try to take our photo but my camera gave him some trouble so the two pictures below are without Roman looking or with me giving him directions as how to use it!

We decided to try taking the photo using the timer and propping the camera precariously on a ledge, but as you can see below, Roman was not cooperating and Matt was trying to get him in position and by the time the picture finally took- this is what you get!! (I was ready :)
Finally a decent family photo (below) although Roman is STILL not looking at the camera which is not a surprise with him.

Roman's favorite mode of transportation was riding on Dad's shoulders. We visited the Central Park Zoo where Roman was mesmerized by the sea lions and the polar bears.

This hawk was a welcome site in NYC Central Park surveying the remaining ice and snow for a meal that may just scurry across the ground.

Although traveling with a 1 year old had its challenges, we had a good time with the boys who helped make this trip much easier by their great behavior and their knowledge of the city.