Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kitchen floor redo

Slowly but surely we are working on making some updates to the house. One of our quick and inexpensive fixes was a face lift to the kitchen floor from the cracked mud tinged off white linoleum that was previously laid (should we also note, it was laid on top of an even more hideous display of linoleum). This is before:

This is in the process of our project. Matt deserves all the credit for the hard work of ripping up 2 layers of linoleum and further more doing all the intricate cuts for the corners and for laying all new quarter round.

Maggie can't seem to keep her eyes open for any picture. She tried to be involved which only made mom and dad angry as she tracked sealant and putty all over the floor.
Below- are pictures of the nearly finished project. We have since finished the painting and edging and can move on to the next project.