Monday, November 10, 2008

Camping in the mountains!

Before Matt got sent to Iraq, we had invested in a new tent and equipment but it took us 2 years to finally get to use it. We traveled to the mountains for the weekend to Grandfather Mountain. The weather was a bit chilly with close to freezing in the evenings and around 50 during the day.

It was Maggie's first camping trip with us as well and she did very well. She loved the freedom of romping around the hiking trails and campsite. She was our little guard dog making sure we knew about every noise and person that was in our vicinity.
After a day of hiking, Maggie chose to go to bed before us. She asked for the tent to be unzipped so she could go to bed.

At the peak of Grandfather Mountain (6000 feet), the temperature was extremely cold and windy. It was hard to really enjoy the expansive view since we didn't tolerate the cold weather very well.

Maggie and Matt leading us down the path and up the Mountain!

Pictures of our campsite:

Brynn and Dan...this picture is for you!! "Matt on a stick"...again!

It was finally nice to get away on a much needed and anticipated camping trip. One of the many reasons we liked NC was for the great hiking and camping and can't wait to explore more opportunities...but that will wait for the warmer weather. Can't put into words how beautiful it was in the mountains and how blessed we are to have them close by.