Friday, August 31, 2007

Dan's wedding

July 15, 2007. Matt's brother got married. And this is worth back "blogging" about! He got married to Brynn Hiivala and they reside in Yakima, WA. It was a beautiful wedding held outside on the hillside of a vineyard.

Matt, Dan and AnnieMom and Dad DiMarco at rehearsal dinner
Matt and I at the rehearsal.

We arrived in Yakima, WA a few days prior to the wedding in order to help where it might be needed. Well, if anyone knows Matt, you can't really go a day without a hearty workout! And thus here we are all suffering under his influence and direction! And it landed his mother in the ER with severe muscle breakdown!

As a family we all went on a hike. Matt made even more of a workout of it by swimming across the stream, oh and running sprints!!

We had a great time! The wedding was beautiful, the family bonding was wonderful and the workouts were grueling!

San Juan Islands

Okay- So I am kinda back logging here. In mid July, we went to WA state for Matt's brothers wedding and we took a vacation to San Juan Island. While there we took out kayaks to watch the killer whales up close and personal! It was amazing and gave us a whole new appreciation for God's creation.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When you don't have kids....

When you don't have blog about your pets! We recently tortured our cats by putting Soft Paws on their front feet. They are nail caps that keep them from scratching your furniture without having to declaw. They come in different colors and so we had fun "dressing them up". you can see they look so enthused!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Discovery Cove- Aug 2007

For Matt's birthday, I bought us tickets to Discovery Cove in Orlando, FL. Discovery Cove is known for its one on one interactions with Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. It is unlike most other animal parks because interaction with the animals is not limited by walls or fences. Interactions with stingrays, tropical fish, exotic birds, and dolphins were face to face with snorkel and mask.

I had surgery on my right shoulder 3 weeks ago so I had to be especially careful being out of my sling and trying to swim with one arm. People gave us stares as matt had to put my hair up in a pony tail and put on my vest, snorkel, and mask for me.

The experience was amazing. And below our pictures to view:

We woke up very early to drive to Orlando- which is very apparent by our faces!
"Diego" pulled us around. They didn't even come close to the 22mph they can go and thank goodness b/c holding on wasn't easy at least not for my one arm!

Some pictures and video of the other attractions at Discovery Cove - huge reef environments populated with many different types of tropical fish and other sea life:

The Stingrays were very docile and calm despite everyone trying to reach out and touch them.
Matt and "Fluff"....his new found buddy! You can see how much she weighed as Matt had to really flex those biceps! :) No doubt these birds are from the pigeon family. Perching on my head like I was a statue.Our family photo with "Diego". It was a wonderful experience !! Thanks to Kevin, a long time friend, who helped it all happen.