Tuesday, July 27, 2010

roman learning to descend the stairs...but still prefers to climb up them.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Roman - 9 months

I am usually too busy to run around and take pictures when we are on vacation so this afternoon I decided to take him outside and take some photos. I found this much more fun than he did as it was 100 degrees and the sidewalk was scorching hot. Hence why he retreated to the shady porch and tried climbing to the front door to give me the subtle hint that it was time to go inside.

But in all honesty, he does really like the outdoors but after our last escapade outside, we had bandaids on our knees for a week. So until the walking begins, our time outdoors is limited since the concrete isn't crawler friendly.

This face below is one that I am pretty sure my mom captured on me when i was a baby. I am not sure this bids well for years to come. I see the attitude brewing.

I managed to capture his sheepish innocent grin below. This is the cute face daddy gets every time he comes home. He loves his daddy- so much for the mama's boy.
up at the top of his list of favorite things to do along with climbing stairs and ingesting mulch- is chewing on rocks. Some may call it a diet deficiency, or a new way of teething...I prefer to think that he likes to grind down his own teeth like a gerbil. He gets new ones, right?

My happy boy after his nap. He bounces so much in his crib that catching a still shot is next to impossible.
Well it is hard to believe he is over 9 months old now. We had our first trip away from him last week while his Nanny (Matt's mom) flew in to take care of him. We enjoyed our trip to California for Matt's Crossfit Games and Roman enjoyed his time with Nanny.
Pictures of the games to come soon...