Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just some more pictures of Roman discovering his hands, his toys, his pacifier, his sold food and his temper (oh I didn't post pictures of that- but consider it discovered). Part of his tantrum comes from the new skill of pulling his pacifier out and throwing it during his nap time AND then not knowing how to put it back into his mouth.

here he is trying to get his pacifier into his mouth or is he pulling it out? It is entertaining to watch until the tantrum starts.

if he had the mouth of his mother, he would have no problem getting this ball into it. Guess good thing he takes after his father.

Eating green beans and rice cereal. He enjoys trying to feed himself with the spoon but that quickly results in him gagging himself.

We are thoroughly enjoying watching him discover new things (minus the temper) and have taken to making his baby food which I find fun. I've made sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, pears, bananas, green beans and prunes. We are slowly introducing him to the different foods one at a time and he is doing very well with them. He loves his solids!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

a wonderful client from my vet clinic made this adorable blanket for Roman. So i had to post a picture with him sleeping with it. You can see how much hair he has lost. He looks like a dinosaur with his hair spiked. And i just got up so I don't look very lovely but you get the point.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Roman- 4 months and other photos

Roman is discovering his hands and how to put things in his mouth. He has been chewing on everything he can find displaying his first signs of teething- but anticipate we won't see teeth for awhile.

Maggie tries to put on her cuddly side in order to win some popcorn. She runs to the kitchen when she hears it popping in the microwave. She is definitely only a friend when their are perks (food) involved.

Abby thinks she owns the house and makes her mark by beating the other cats away from the food, water and bed. And here she is taking over Maggie's bed...trying to conquer the whole household- on bed at a time.