Saturday, August 28, 2010

Maggie's Brother

No we did not acquire another dog but when we were out hiking today we found Maggie's long lost brother. We have never seen a dog that comes close to looking like Maggie but Brutus could be her twin and upon finding out that he was born the same time as her and acquired from a rescue organization, we concluded that they must be related. It wasn't the tear jerking reunion you'd hope for when another finds their long lost sibling and honestly it took everything we could to get them to stand this close together. Maybe they had sibling rivalry when they were pups...who knows. But us parents were sure excited to meet one another. Brutus made Maggie look lean and muscular as he holds the heavy weight title for being 90 lbs (over 40 lbs on Maggie). We had to document this momentous reunion even if the pups were embarrassed by our fawning.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

10 months old and this is what we've been up to...

So I am not sure if these videos will play. I was having trouble getting them to load. But Roman has been a busy boy these days with learning to walk, play piano and dance.

I particularly like his dancing video where he has learned that if he hits the toy it will play the next song. The toy is motion activated, so if you touch the objects on it, it will play music. You can see when the music stops how he hits it or wiggles the dog to get the next song to play.

Walking is going well although he still prefers to crawl. He gets easily excited over his accomplishment of walking and will fall over from sheer excitement of it all....or if the dog wanders by and hits him in the head with her tail.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The boy, the dog and the turtle

Meet Webster...the most gregarious turtle i have ever met. Meeting us on our front sidewalk with his cob web covered shell (hence the name Webster) made us wonder where he had emerged from, but regardless of where he came from, he knew where he was going....and that was away from us. Who would stick around with a dog sniffing your hind quarters and a baby patting your shell? But no fear did he show as he briskly ventured down the front yard to reside under the jasmine that swallows our mailbox. It was a good resting spot for him as he waited for his fan club to carry on to another suited distraction so he could finish his journey, wherever that might be. I would have liked Webster to be a regular around our house but I think we sufficiently sealed the deal, after butt sniffing and shell patting, that he'll find another place to call home.

After all the fun with the turtle, we carried on with our walk down the street. It seems to be the quickest way to get Roman tired out before his naps or bedtime.

Away he goes...always on the move- which I think will always be the way of this child. But it seems well suited for our family.