Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finished Nursery

Less than 3 weeks til my due date and we are getting things finalized. Below are pictures of the nursery pretty much completed.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day at Grandfather Mtn

Labor Day 2009 consisted of a trip to the mountains, a picnic, a hike and beautiful sights. Below are some pictures of our day trip.

Forgive the upside down picture- was taking this as I was walking across the bridge...the Mile High Swinging Bridge if you couldn't figure that out already. Below are pictures taken from the walk across the bridge which was unsteady at times. The view, though, was breathtaking.

Above- Maggie and Matt walking across the bridge that hung a mile above the ground. Maggie felt a little unsteady on her feet and no one could blame her but she did exceptionally well with all the people and bridge movements.

Some pictures taken at the top. I am 8 months pregnant in these photos for those who were wondering.

The pictures below are from the park where we stopped for a picnic. Maggie's favorite past time is playing frisbee so we couldn't leave home without that.

We had a really great and relaxing time at Grandfather Mountain and driving down the Blueridge Parkway. Only 4 weeks left til due date and will post pictures as soon as we can of our new arrival.