Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Tree Shopping

We ventured out for our annual tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree at the Penland Tree Farm in York, SC. It was brisk, rainy, muddy, dreary but somewhat warmer than what we normally encounter during this annual tradition.

We decided that if we are to make this farm our "go to" place for our tree, we should start taking Roman's picture in front of the snowman every year to mark his growth from year to year.
Mulch mountain was a new attraction this year. Not sure I saw one girl playing on this hill, but the boys sure did take it over. Roman wasn't so sure about this until we took him to the top of it, and then it was his new found hill to conquer. Up and down and all around we went.

Roman's class face (below)... don't get offended if this is all you get when you smile and say hello. He gives this face to EVERYONE!

Roman's fascination of fire made me think he may just take after Uncle Boyd- Mr. Pyromaniac. He is mesmerized by it and you can see his brain churning with devious plans.
Roman likes to pave his own way from point A to point B...exploring as he goes. Daddy and Roman inspecting the trees below and Maggie doing what she does best- picking up scents.

Mulch Mountain came in a distant third to Roman's other attractions he found at the tree farm. One being MUD- and maybe the one that came in at the top of his list. The huge mud puddle from the morning rain, was where he chose to spend most of his time- and well he couldn't have been happier. My 100% boy!! you'd think by now I would learn not to leave home without a change of clothes.
He had to make sure EVERY part of him was covered in mud. He laid out in it and wiggled like a worm.

Katie Williams joined us on our annual tradition. She has been coming with us for the past 3-4 years. It wouldn't be the same without her..and she saves our hide by watching Roman when things get chaotic!
Roman loved the tractors- just like his PaPa!! This was his other attraction and probably second favorite to the mud. He enjoyed watching the tractor ride filled with people waving at him while he stared at them with his serious face (seen above).

We decided this year to get a balled tree - a tree with its roots to be planted after the holidays It was a great idea until we saw the man power that it took to get it into position in our living room. We bought a $6 bucket from Big Lots that seemed promising to hold the root ball. But as you can see below, it took some reshaping of the roots to get it to fit into the bucket.

Ah hah- we did it!! Got it in. But weighing over 300 lbs- now we had to get it into the house. We cashed in some favors a friend owed us, to get some much needed man power moving the tree into the house.
Lots of grunting, groaning and a large crack in the bucket, later- we got the tree in place. One more trip to Big lots for another $6 bucket and hopefully the last time we have to move the tree resulted in a 2 bucket base and a well placed HEAVY tree!

Now if it can survive the trauma of all that and a month of cat, dog and child torture, it will be a great addition to our front yard. Matt may as well start digging the hole now as we live on "stone mountain" and it will take a month to build a hole big enough to plant this tree.

Tomorrow we will dress the tree- enough torture for today! Pictures to post soon.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sewing Projects

These are my current sewing projects. Pacifier clips is what started it all.
I was inspired to make them after seeing the poor selections on the market and the simple sewing technique it took to make them. So I have stocked up on different varieties of Pacifier clips and the ones below are just a few of the designs. If you know anyone who wants some, please let me know. They'd sell for $5 each.
My newest project is the dog collar and the one I am most proud of. I really liked how it turned out and looking forward to making this an extension to my S3 consulting and training business.
I am hoping to get the cost down on these by buying the hardware in bulk so we'll see but for now costing between $10-15 per collar.

I have another project that I am going to start taking on but waiting for the equipment to come in the mail. Once I receive it, I will get them made and post pictures.