Friday, January 29, 2010

In Mid January- Roman and I traveled to Texas to visit GG (his great grandmother) and Nanny and Pops. Below are some photos of our visit- starting with the picture of 4 generations. Annie and I were standing in for Matt who was not able to make the trip.

Congo- newly adopted African Grey who started mimicking Roman's cry much to Nanny's delight.

Nanny and Roman above and Pops introducing Roman to "Baby"- the cockatoo- who was more interested in Roman's feet than anything else.
GG and Roman below!

roman demonstrating his reverse crunch!
Annie learning out to knit from GG. The hat she made she is wearing at the top picture.

roman standing tall against Aunt Annie. Won't be long before he is taller than her :)

Roman was very good for his trip and smiled and laughed at all the right times. It was a very special trip to get a chance to spend time with GG.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

just for your enjoyment.

just some pictures from around the house... Roman at 3 months.

Maggie enjoying family time and her belly rubs!

And Abby thinking she'll push her way into Maggie's bed!