Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Some Christmas photos from this year at the my parent's home in Missouri.

Sarah Thompson, Boyd's fiance with Roman. We are so excited for their wedding in July.

Matt being the gym for all the neices and nephews.

Robin and his family- Patty and Nate. Nate is such a happy and cute baby.

Marcia and Roane- Heidi's new baby girl born about a month ago.

Our growing row of stockings! up to 22 now with all the grandkids and spouses.

Spencer and her sister Jordan. Spencer leaves for the Air Force on January 5th. She is headed to boot camp in San Antonio, Texas.

Dana also being a gym for the kids- Cameron, Wendy's son, standing tall with Dana.

Jackson, Dana's son, cross dressing with Marcia's clothes. Jordan dressed him up and was so proud of her creation. We were all impressed with Jackson's ability to walk in heels.

Wendy and our son, Roman.

Heidi and her daughter Avis and Aunt Donna iin the back ground. Heidi was super mom and traveled down to the farm with a 1 month old and Avis in an ice storm in order to visit with us. We felt very blessed.
Some of the kids- jordan, Cameron, Jackson and Avis.

Grant, Sarah and Boyd. Sarah was playing Nintendo DS Brain Age with the help and instruction of Boyd (my brother) and Grant ( my cousin).
Patty and Nate with Matt and roman. Nate was intrigued by Roman and liked pulling his hair. We are looking fwd to when they can play together since they are about 6 months apart.
Nate- Robin's boy- who is so adorable!

Patty, Marcia and Nate (Patty's son)

matt and Cameron (Wendy's son)

Jackson throwing snow balls at his dad although poorly formed ones due to the dusting of snow we received.
A white Christmas- Matt and Roman's first :0 )

Tater- my school project!! When I was in vet tech school we had to hand raise a puppy from 4 days old. That was a long time ago and as I was galavanting around the world, my parents took her in and adopted her and now she lives the life of luxury at the retired farm.

My brother boyd and my sister Marcia. Boyd always has a line of eager recipients for his back rubs.

Nana and Roman- using her motherly touch to put him to sleep.

Brother Boyd

Matt got me a new smaller lap top that is more versatile and easier to carry around.

Roman with his new hand made blanket from his great grandmother.

Matt and Roman reading the Christmas story.

Maggie enjoying her new fluffy bed.

Roman got a new cd player for Christmas to replace my old high school stereo that quit working shortly after we put it in his nursery.
we had a wonderful Christmas and Roman did very well on the road trip.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ready to Race

Since dad has a fast sports car- Roman also needed a car seat that would accompany such driving. Recaro makes seats for race cars (Nascar, etc), and they have since ventured into engineering child car seats. We found this car seat for a bargain price but it is so big that when it is put in daddy's race car, there is no room for anyone else in the back seat. It is obviously not in a car right now so we were playing with it in the house...trying it out.

In the picture below- his left hand is telling you how he truly feels about this play time that mom is doing to entertain herself.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Roman- 2 months

December 6th marks Roman as 2 months old. As the big boy that he is, he rolled over today for the first time. The pictures below are right before that happened. he doesn't enjoy tummy time but has gotten stronger. The more upset he gets, the more determined he is to make it to his back and today he was successful multiple times.

These type of pictures with him doing facial expressions on my lap seem to be my signature photo op but so hard to resist.

The picture below: Roman concentrating on filling his diaper which he successfully accomplished shortly after.

Notice the stick on the floor in the background...yes, Maggie's mark! She was pulling the kindling from the wood pile in attempts to entertain herself.

Kinda love his big diaper bum.