Sunday, October 31, 2010

The stinky Skunk Debut!

The stinky skunk made his debut this evening! He did a great job keeping the costume on and even managed to wear his stink face the entire night as well. So overall he made the perfect skunk, bad mood and all! But a super cute skunk he made!!

the funniest part was that we were at a Fall Festival with the college kids and there was a young girl a little older than Roman who wasn't dressed up and she just stood there pointing and laughing at him. she was like "ha ha, your mom made you dress up!" He was such a great sport! Love this little guy!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Train Table

Adam and Jack grew out of the train table and Renee was trying to purge her apartment and so Papa's infamous train table has made it into Roman's new playroom. It came via Renee's friend who lives in northern NC who visited NYC last month and was kind enough to haul the train table down south. I drove to Greensboro last night to pick it up from them.

it is his early Christmas present :) But was easier to put together now than to store til Christmas. Renee sent along Thomas the train set for the table but waiting for Roman to get a little older before I let him loose on the actual train set as he is quick to destroy everything he touches.

It is the perfect height for him and Maggie. Maggie is very interested in his plastic zoo creature that he is playing with.

Proud of papa's handiwork and glad that it is kept in the family. Papa's date on the table was from 2003!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Roman's Birthday Weekend

On Wednesday October 6th, Roman turned 1 year old!! He was quite ginger and unsure about the presents which I venture to guess will change as he gets older. But this birthday we had to do more of the unwrapping and the oohs and aahs for him as he found the remote control more exciting!

Daddy got us a pocket size video camera to document his birthday events. He enjoyed playing with the AV cables instead.

His birthday bash was on Saturday October 9th where we offered him his small birthday cake. We had to help him realize that the goo on top of the cake was really delicious and worth eating.

he gave up the use of his hands to just dive into his cake and thoroughly get himself covered in cake and icing from head to toe.
Nanny and Annie (Matt's mother and sister) Came into town for this memorable occasion. They made the weekend even more special. on Sunday we went to the nearby Pumpkin Patch to pick out a pumpkin and see the farm animals.

roman checking out the hens...and started crying at them.
A giant rabbit with a black stripe down its back housed in a pen with some roosters.
They grow their own pumpkins and pick them daily. Below are the containers of pumpkins that have been harvested and ready to be sold.
the resident pigs rooting in the mud.
we ventured out to the pumpkin patch to pick our own pumpkin and let Roman find the one he wanted. That only resulted in him playing in the dirt and tripping over vines.
Roman making his dad proud by demonstrating proper dead lift form!

Above is Nanny, Matt and Annie!
Family photo. trying to get roman to look at the camera is a feat- he hasn't learned the art of "cheese".
Roman striking a little Ambercrombie model!

Nanny and Roman playing in the trees!

We are so blessed that Nanny and Annie were able to come into town for his occasion. It really did make it so special. We had a group of wonderful friends who took time out of their days to spend time with us for Roman's birthday and we couldn't have asked for a better weekend. Next stop- holidays in TX and MO.