Monday, March 21, 2011

Like father, like son! Roman saw Matt doing a workout in the garage which consisted of air squats and quickly started imitating him. You have to know that this makes daddy very proud!!

Tumbling 101

Roman hasn't quite mastered the somersault but he has come very close and we love to watch him try. We hope that it won't be too long before he can start some real tumbling classes!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

curiousity got the boy...

I am not sure this is how Papa intended his train table to be utilized- by catching and trapping small boys, but it sure did work. I heard some squawking coming from his room and I came in to find this... I couldn't stop giggling and then had to take some photos, BEFORE rescuing him.

so what got him in this position?!

A little red car baited him into the drawer. Never knew hot wheels were so enticing.

He never ceases to give us a laugh and are so thankful for his curious and adventurous spirit!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What did he do today?

"What did he do today?" seems to be the current theme of my life with Roman.

Today- i underestimated his strength and intelligence when I put a gallon of milk next to him in the grocery store and he proceeded to break the seal, pop off the top and spill it all over the floor in the middle of the grocery store!

I went running after the first employee I could find to try to clean up the embarrassment as quickly as possible! They had to stand and guard the aisle so no one went down it which made me feel even worse.

But with Roman, I know that this will only be a taste of what is to come!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

how gross can a toddler be?!

While I was in one room folding a batch of clothes, Roman was burying the other basket of clean clothes in the litter box!! So gross... But yet again, I doubt this will be the worst I see in his life time. It only gives me a glimpse of what is yet to come!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

17 months old

17 months old...and well some things stay consistent- like Romans' good ole reliable plastic truck that he has pushed around since he was 9 months old. It only gets a harder beating as Roman gets older!!

Roman's favorite past times consist of playing outside and getting as dirty as possible. So what better thing to do on the day he turns 17 months old but to explore the biggest mud puddles he can find with his trusty truck.

I guess having his jeans sopping wet wasn't enough, he was thoroughly going to drench himself in he puddle to ensure mom had plenty of clean up to do.
I wish I had captured the picture below 1 second earlier, as he was laughing and giggling at his dirty self.
This is 1 second after the one above where he gave me his standard furrowed brow !

All of this fun was coinciding with Daddy building a fire pit in the woods...of course I neglected to get any pictures of that but hope to post some of the progress before too long. A think this was a successful day for Roman to celebrate being 17 months old...seems like the perfect dirty day to me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Battle Wounds

Monday Roman drove his truck into a bush full of thorns and I wound up plucking handfuls of thorns out of his face including his eyelids. Today he ran full throttle down the hill and face planted in the street. Pictures of the damage (below):

He is a tough boy- or learning to be one- as only a few minutes of crying and he was begging to head back outside to run around again!! There was NO lesson learned I'm sorry to say.