Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Random Photos... June 2011

This blog is just a random collection of photos taken over the past week or so with no particular reason.

Well the couple days of nice weather turned sour on us and we have had several days of rain and 50 degree weather. I should be thankful that this doesn't stop Roman from being outside, but when he plays in the rain puddles and drenches himself from head to toe, it makes it harder to enjoy.

Below you can see he is breaking in his new truck. You know this must be Matt's son b/c he has to make a workout out of everything. It was too easy to push it on its wheels so he must turn it on his side and push it up and down the driveway.

His "airpane" face... we are off to locate it in the sky.

His current attraction to airplanes has him asking to read his book before he even gets out of bed in the morning. I am not sure the library will get this book back in one piece since he flips through this book dozens of times a day.
Our neighborhood frog pond that we visit frequently. Roman is sitting watching the frogs and listening to them sing to one another.
The older more experience frogs ( as seen below) show little fear of humans and will just sit there while you approach him.

Mr. Shoe-less!! I wonder why I bother putting them on him in the first place- they always find themselves thrown off. I guess I could enforce the shoe rule but I just think that part of being a kid is the freedom not to wear shoes.

My Mail Man...he loves to check the mail so we make trips to the mailbox several times a day!
Daddy helping with somersaults!
I think I was just shocked at the rarity of the photo below, that I had to capture it on film. He rarely sits still and takes in the sights...granted this really didn't last long but it was sweet while it lasted.

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firecracker said...

I really like that last photo - great picture of him. Last summer when I stayed with him, I would catch him just sitting and thinking -trying to figure things out -wonder if that is what he was doing - thanks for all the great pictures - we LOVE them!